About Us

We provide creative renewable energy solutions & strategic clarity coupled with detailed in-depth analysis.

Our History

POWGEX Energy Pty Ltd is an International Renewable Energy Project developer  focused on providing services underpinned by the clear and simple principle of providing bespoke renewable energy solutions. 

POWGEX Energy Pty Ltd partners with various stakeholders to develop utility scale renewable energy projects covering: Hydrogen, Solar, Wind, and a wide range of Renewable Energy Solutions.

Our power and renewables consulting team is supported by proprietary, best-in-class research spanning our solar, wind, energy storage, grid edge and power market practices.

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Our Vision

At POWGEX, we focus on delivering excellent, forward-looking renewable energy solutions whilst keeping in mind that our success is intrinsically linked to the needs of our customers.

Our experts delve into different technologies and resources, throughout the world. This affords the POWGEX strategic team both the insight and experience to help you navigate the convergence of new technologies and emerging industries.

Our aim is to ensure that we contribute towards transitioning countries to net-zero status whilst ensuring that power requirements within a country are met in a sustainable way.

We provide solutions

POWGEX Executives

James Waithaka

POWGEX – Managing Director & Business Development James has robust experience of over 15 years in managing complex integrated infrastructure projects, deployment of centralised and distributed industrial systems, raising capital, …

Tshamano Nengovhela

POWGEX – Director & Country Executive Tshamano Nengovhela has over 20 years experience at executive level in the Health care and infrastructure sectors as government liaison and business development executive …

Charles Lwanda

POWGEX – Director – Engineering Projects & Asset Management Charles has more than 20 years of working experience in various Mechanical & Electrical project works including Project Planning, Asset Creation, …

Samuel Methu

POWGEX – Director Infrastructure Planning & Survey Samuel has over 15 years industry experience undertaking, managing and delivering engineering survey projects on some of the largest infrastructure projects ever completed …

Kip Harris

POWGEX – Executive Director & Member of the Board Kip has over 25 years experience in international business, corporate governance, project development, stakeholder relationship management and providing strategic guidance for …